When they return – your adult children back home

As I was reading an article on grandparents raising their grandchildren , it occurred to me that another issue that boomers are facing is their adult children returning home to live with them.  Most often the child is going through a rough path in their life and need help getting back on their feet.  Understand, we are not talking about young single adults in their early 20’s, we are talking about men and women in their 30’s and 40’s that have families of their own.

At age 50 or 60, you are having to contend, not with your retirement plans but, with a second family coming to live to your home.  Hopefully, your relationship with your child is good enough and strong enough where you all can get along in the same house.  Having two different families from two different generations live together can cause a lot of friction.

In addition to the adults having to accommodate to each other, there is the issue of the children.  Dealing with the idiosyncrasies of the children can be incredibly challenging, time consuming and can take up most of your energy.  As the grandparent, many times there is not much you can do where it comes to discipline the grandchildren even though you may be biting your teeth, foaming at the mouth and ready to strangle them.

The difficult part in this is how to strike a balance between being a loving parent and helping your children and going on with your life and plans (assuming you are able to).

What do you think?Are you a boomer that is in a similar situation?  If your child asks to stay with you ti live for a while, how long would you give them?  What would be the financial impact to the household to have a second family in the house?


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