What?! What did you say?

It is such a part of me that I don’t think about it often or at all but, I can tell that I have hearing loss. Browsing through the Internet, I found an article aptly named Can You Still Hear Me…!!! I don’t really know when I began to lose my hearing although more than likely it began while I was in the military.

I know that it came gradually, almost imperceptibly, and by now, background noises just seem to drown out normal conversation and I am aware of the almost constant ringing in my ears. I tend to avoid large, noisy, gatherings because I just feel too stupid asking “What?! What did you say?” over and over again and I’m too stubborn to get hearing aids.

I know, I know, I’m being a fool. Considering that many times I have to look at a person’s lips when they are talking in addition to listening, you’d think I’d give in to the inevitable and admit that I’m getting…. “old.” YEECH!! even the thought of that gives me the creeps!

Are you having problems with your hearing? How do you cope? What does your family think about it? Do you use hearing aids? If so, are they helpful?


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