Generation Y – How do they define privacy?

gen y

In my article Generation Y – Do they really hate authority? I talk about some points that the Generation Y makes on why they are how they are. One thing that stayed with me is the notion that they stay connected (read My Generation – Take Two) all the time. Although I hear what they are saying, as a baby Boomer I cannot even begin to fathom being connected all the time! Which leads me to my question; how do Generation Y’s define privacy? What does privacy mean to them? How is privacy demonstrated and expressed? If you are reading this, I would like your input – I am really intrigued and would like to know your point of view.

Here are some questions that I have:

  • What does privacy mean to you, how would you define it?
  • As Generation Y – in your mind, is there a difference between privacy in cyberspace and privacy in the physical world?
  • To you – how is privacy expressed?
  • How is it demonstrated?
  • When your privacy is violated, how do you react? Particularly in cyberspace…

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