Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2008 brings all the best for you, your families and those whom you love. Of course, a new year’s celebration would not be complete without the mandatory goals list. I have just three for this year:

  1. Goal 1 – LOOSE WEIGHT! I am the heaviest I have ever been! It is affecting my health and my life and I’m really scared. I WILL work on this one come hell or high water!
  2. Goal 2 – Learn about blogging – I did some blogging a few years ago but then dropped it. Now that I’ve re-taken it, the whole thing has changed so much that I’m having to re-learn everything!
    What is social Networking and how do you do it?
    How to write good, original content that is interesting?
    How to write so that it is a conversation instead of imparting information?
    How do you form a community around your blog?
  3. Goal 3 – Look for opportunities to make more money – own business
    Not an easy thing for me – I’ve never been good at selling or being an entrepreneur but I HAVE to get more than one income stream that I control – It is the only way I see to secure my retirement with any kind of comfort.

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