Getting the News

16009841577_10f7480a12_oAbout two weeks ago my doctor gave me that I was diabetic (Diabetes Type II). I’m not really sure how to describe my reaction. At the time I got the news I was at work, and while outwardly I showed little or no reaction, my mind began to spin at a thousand miles per hour. I suppose that it was my anxiety manifesting itself with my mind going at that furious pace. I told myself that I was trying to wrap my head around the news, but now that the initial response passed I can see it for what it is, a kind of anxiety attack.

What I find interesting is that instead of being afraid, my mind immediately “girded its loins” and locked into the idea of using diabetes to take control of every aspect of my life. The food I eat, my weight, my attitude, my very thoughts, take control of it all. I am a reader and since I like to read I bought some “For Dummies” books about diabetes. This is the first time that I get overwhelmed with information from a “For Dummies” book! I was thinking of talking to my doctor to see if he can help me make sense of it all, but I realize that what I need is not a medical, technical, nutrition information (although it is all-important) specialist. What I need is help reorienting and refocusing my life. I need someone that can help me take a step back and gain some perspective on the overall situation of my life.

There is a sentence that stuck with me while reading ” Diabetes  for  Dummies” ,  ” Too much sugar  leads to diabetes.”   I get this, it is very clear.  What I’m trying to understand  are the other  370 pages. In my mind –  if diabetes is due to too much sugar, control and monitor your sugar levels and you are good. Somehow I do not think that this simplistic answer is the solution since a lot of information is about preventing the disease from getting worse. The part that this book does not explain  is if,  even with sugar management, the disease is progressive.  There is a lot of information of famous people that have diabetes  and lead successful lives, but then they go into the biology, the genetics, the chemistry, the drugs  etc. , etc.  It makes me think, “Which is it, successful life and career  or focusing on the disease?”

I am still trying to digest what little I have read. In the meantime I am following the medicine (pills) regimen  religiously.  I have cut out  most sugars (sweet tooth)  and carbs  and I monitor my glucose level  daily  before and after meals.

What about you? What is your opinion or comment?