In harm’s way – our children going off to war

“The War”… If you are a parent of one of the troopers (male or female) that are deployed, those two words can bring chills to your spine.

Forty years ago “The War” was Vietnam and this country increasingly treated the returning veterans with anger, disdain, and outright humiliation for having served their country. Although today the returning troops are treated with a lot of honor and respect, it does little good if every day, while they are in harm’s way, we continually yell “we’re failing, we’re failing!”

rgcombs posted two articles in his blog (Investigation Clears Marine and Snatching Defeat ) that got my blood boiling and gave rise to this blog.

I’m a baby boomer that is old enough to remember the Vietnam War. I served in the army shortly after the peace treaty was signed. I remember how the troops were treated; I saw and lived some of it myself. I remember thinking that I would not wish that kind of treatment to my worst enemy.

Back then, the North Vietnamese fought their war with their generals in charge and we fought our war with the politicians in charge. Our own politicians and their appointees, with the help of the media, maneuvered us right into defeat and retreat. Some of those very same politicians and appointees are at it again in this war against terror:

  1. John Conyers Democrat
  2. John Dingell Democrat
  3. Ted Kennedy Democrat
  4. Robert Byrd Democrat
  5. Daniel Inouye Democrat
  6. Theodore Stevens Republican – only one defending our military

Let’s not forget someone who was working in the circles of power in the early 70’s – Hillary Rodham.

Like many others, I have watched and listened with growing incredulity at just how much this war has been politicized. It has come to the point that I look around and I no longer recognize the country that I donned the uniform for. I have watched dumbfounded as the politicians of the Vietnam era that are in power and leadership today, are re-creating Vietnam.

I have a son in the Coast Guard and a nephew that recently finished his service in the National Guard. Even if I did not care about the war (which I do), I care about our kids. It is beyond the pale for anyone to put our kids in harm’s way and then do everything they can to embolden the enemy and, at the same time, deny our troops support and supplies.

Our kids deserve better than this! They are in a fight for our lives and the least we can do is give them our wholehearted support. POLITICS ENDS AT THE WATER’S EDGE!

What do you think?

Do you have a child in the service? Is he / she in a combat zone (Iraq or Afghanistan)? How do you feel about their service? How do you feel about Congress’ efforts to cut back their support and supplies? What do they tell you about the situation over there?